Freedays is a small start up directory dedicated to all things free and low cost in Sydney. It is run by me (Cat) and came about through my love of Sydney (and my empty wallet). I also love feel good enterprises such as not for profit organisations and charities.

When I include a place or activity on the website or in the directory I consider overall cost and value. Places that are a gold coin entry or have a value pass (for example multiple entry or entry to multiple places) I include; places that have some sections free and paid I also include. The general aim is ticket prices of up to $15.00 per adult (unless a value ticket is available).

This website isn’t intended to include every park or beach in Sydney. I generally only list major regional parks or parks that I believe offer something special for my readers.

All advertised prices are correct at the time of listing. Whilst I endeavor to ensure that all prices remain current, prices changes, places close and good things go bad. Please check prices with all venues before visiting and I would love to get any updates from you.