Spend a day in Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park Trelliage

Bicentennial Park is just one of the many areas to explore in Sydney Olympic Park.

It is a huge park (approximately 40 hectares) with an amazing range of activities to enjoy.

It also has plenty of free parking, free gas BBQs and free entry.

With so much to see and do it can be difficult to know where to start. So here’s our list of the top things to do in Bicentennial Park.

1. Bike Hire Shop and Information Centre

The best way to enjoy a day at Bicentennial Park is to visit the Visitors Centre (located in the Bike Hire Shop on Bicentennial Drive, near the WatervieW restaurant and Village Green) and grab a copy of a park map. The map will help guide you around the park and will also help you locate all the activities listed below.

The WaterVieW cafe and restaurant is located here if you need supplies. There are also BBQs and even a giant chess board located nearby if you are looking for somewhere convenient to have lunch.

Lots to do around the information centre

2. Visit The Village Green

Once you have visited the Visitors Centre why not pop next door to The Village Green. This area is one of the most popular parts of Bicentennial Park so it can get very busy. It is located right near the WatervieW restaurant and also the Bike Hire Shop and Information Centre. The Village Green is essentially a large green open space that includes a recently upgraded playground, picnic tables, BBQs and grassy areas to sit on. The playground is well equipped and parts of it are shaded. It is a short walk to the toilets at the restaurant so makes a good spot for families.

The Village Green has something for everyone

3. Bicentennial Park Wetlands and Saltmarsh

The Wetlands are a little known but very fascinating and beautiful part of Bicentennial Park. The are includes an open water Waterbird Refuge and Coastal Saltmarsh. Within the wetland are (a lot of!!) Australian birds.  It also provides a space for migratory species (which are protected under international agreements). Make sure to visit the Bird Hide also.

The beautiful Homebush wetlands

4. Homebush Bay Shipwrecks

The Homebush Bay Shipwrecks are fascinating!!! Remnants of an old ship wrecking yard that was established in Homebush in the 1960’s. Today all that is left is the decaying hulls of four ships along with some other barges and vessels. For more information on the Homebush Shipwrecks read our summary here.

Homebush Bay Shipwrecks

The shipwrecks are amazing to see

5. Go for a Bike Ride

The park is super popular with bike riders because it has great, paved bikeways with lanes dedicated to bikes. There are three main rides in the park (and through Olympic Park) – the 5.5km Parklands Circuit, 7.7km Olympic Circuit and the 11.1km River Heritage Circuit. Details of the bike rides can be found in the park map.

Bicentennial Park Bikeway

A scenic place to ride

6. Visit Lake Belvedere

Lake Belvedere is a highlight of Bicentennial Park. The lake is home to nearly 50 species of birds and is an important breeding ground and nursery. Visitors can walk around the lake or go out onto the viewing platform.

Explore Lake Belvedere

7. Wander through Powells Creek Fishway

Powells Creek Fishway is a really interesting place to visit. It provides a way for young fish to travel from Lake Belvedere to Homebush Bay then out to the ocean. Within the fishway live fish, crabs, molluscs, spiders, birds and bats. Explore the pontoons and boardwalks in order to get up close to these animals.

Enjoy a walk through Powells Creek Fishway

6. Climb the Treillage Viewing Platform and enjoy the Water Fountains

The Trelliage Viewing Platform and Water Fountains are a must do within the park. The tower is three storeys and 17m high (a lot of steps!!). The tower provides views over Bicentennial Park and the Homebush Bay skyline. Below the Trelliage there is a water fountain which is a popular spot for kids in summer – it is also a great spot for a bike ride or a picnic under the trees.

View from the Trelliage and water fountains

7. Take the Boardwalk through the Badu Mangroves

The Badu Mangroves are an important wetland that provide shelter for birds and food for fish, prawns, crabs and molluscs. The Badu Mangroves are the largest mangove forest remaining on the Parramatta River. Enjoy a walk through the mangroves on the raised boardwalk.

Bicentennial Park Badu Mangroves

Go deep into the mangroves via the boardwalk

10. Have a BBQ and a picnic at Concord West Playground

If you are looking for somewhere different to the Village Green, then why not try the Concord West Playground.  It includes great play equipment, a kids bike track, toilets and BBQ’s.

This playground can be accessed at 75A Victoria Ave, Concord West NSW 2138.

More things to do……

From the Information Centre you can also Hire Bikes (additional cost), get details of the Amazing Chase Course that runs through the park (free) or grab an Orienteering Map of Bicentennial Park (free).

Five reasons to visit Bicentennial Park

  1. Bird watch at Lake Belvedere
  2. Enjoy a picnic and play at the Village Green or Concord West Playground
  3. Bike ride along one of the three bike tracks
  4. Enjoy the use of a free BBQ
  5. Go for a wander through the mangroves or wetlands

Freedays summary

  • Entry: Free
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Wheelchair friendly: Yes
  • Free carparking: Yes
  • Free BBQ facilities: Yes
  • Time to spend here: 2 hours to all day
  • Food available: Yes
  • Address: Bicentennial Park is part of Sydney Olympic Park. It can be accessed via Bicentennial Drive, off Australia Avenue Homebush NSW 2140
  • Further details: Visit Bicentennial Park/Sydney Olympic Park directory listing



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