Fagan Park and Netherby Homestead

Fagan Park Galston

Netherby Homestead at Fagan Park has some surprises

Fagan Park must surely be one of Sydney’s best parks. It is an excellent park with sooooo much to see and do.

I love coming here with my family as it really is a park made for exploring and adventuring.

Its’s easy when visiting here to get so comfy in your picnic spot that you don’t take a wander around. So read on to find out all the amazing things to do at Fagan Park and Netherby Homestead.

P.S Make sure to check out the Fagan Park map so you can see where everything is located.

1. Tour the Garden of Many Nations

Fagan Park Garden of Many Nations English

The english garden is suitably quaint

One of the main attractions of Fagan Park is its beautiful Garden of Many Nations. The garden is aptly named as it is made up of a series of small gardens each with a different country theme. Themes include English, Japanese, Australian, Mediterranean, African, Dutch and North and South American.

The individual gardens are spread out around the park, and wandering through them is really fascinating. The walk around all the garden is easy enough, although they are scattered around on a hill.

The Garden of Many Nations is fascinating and beautiful

2. Wander the Eco Garden

Fagan Park Eco Garden

The Eco Garden is great for a wander 

I highly recommend taking a walk through the Eco Garden. This fab working garden is manged by a group of volunteers. The garden is set up to show visitors different gardening techniques and offers lots of environmentally friendly gardening tips.

In the garden you will find a native bee hive, a funky scarecrow, lots and lots of garden beds, flowers, plants, vegetables, fruit trees and even a small pond.

Enjoy exploring the Eco Garden

3. Relive your youth at the two playgrounds

Fagan Park Playground

The upper playground is great for bigger kids

There are two playgrounds at Fagan Park. The main one is located at the Arcadia Road Entrance (the main entrance) and this one is great for bigger kids.

It has a climbing frame, swings, flying fox and also a sand area with water play and a slide. There are tables and BBQs here as well as shade and it’s not too far from the small coffee shop (which is open on weekends). Toilets are also located nearby.

Lots to keep the kids entertained and great facilities for adults

The second playground is located at the Carrs Road Entrance.

This playground was re-vamped not long ago and is now a nature based playground complete with wooden climbing structure, water pump, small sand pit and swings. 

It is smaller than the main playground, but likely easier with younger kids. There are tables nearby as well as toilets and also a large grassy area great for kids to run around in.

The new playground has some great nature based play equipment

4. Visit the pond and see the ducks and fish

Fagan Park Galston Pond

The pond is the centrepiece of the park

Located almost in the centre of the park, the large main pond is a beautiful place to visit. Here you will see ducks, fish and eels!

There is an easy walking trail around it as well as a cute little bridge, great for spotting the ponds fishy residents.

The ducks are always a hit!

5. Explore Netherby Homestead and the Rural Museum

Fagan Park Netherby Homestead

Netherby Homestead is a delightful reminder of our past

When you are here make sure you take a wander around Netherby Homestead and the Rural Museum.  Netherby Homestead was the home of the ‘Fagan’ Family. They used the surrounding land as an orchard and cattle farm. The land was gifted to Hornsby Council and opened as Fagan Park in 1988.

In this area you will see heaps of historic farming equipment as well as the homestead itself.

Unfortunately tours of the homestead have ceased (correct as at May 2019), but it is definitely still worth going for a walk around.

Make sure to head to the back of the homestead to see some of the other original gardens.

Hornsby Website has further information on the history of the park if you are interested.

Make sure to go for a walk through the gardens

The Rural Museum has some fascinating historical buildings and farming machinery

6. Go for a bushwalk in Carrs Bush

Fagan Park Carrs Bush

Enjoy the dog friendly rail through Carrs Bush

Carrs Bush is a remnant Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest. Carrs Bush encompasses 8.5 hectares of bushland with great short trails to explore.

Here you’ll find over 120 native plants within the forest as well as birds and native animals. 

7. Enjoy a picnic and BBQ

Fagan Park and Netherby Homestead picnic spot

No shortage of places to enjoy a picnic

Of course one of the main reasons that people come to Fagan Park is to enjoy its stunning surrounds. Bring a picnic and a rug or make use of the parks picnic tables and BBQs.

Bring the dog to Fagan Park

Awesomely Fagan Park is dog friendly (dogs on lead only). So bring the pooch, bring your picnic and bring your Freedays spirit!

Freedays Summary

  • Entry: Free
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Wheelchair friendly: Yes
  • Free carparking: No, car parking is $6.00 per day or you can park outside the park gates
  • Free BBQ facilities: No, BBQs are $1.00 per timed use
  • Time to spend here: All day
  • Food available: Yes, weekends only
  • Address:38-48 Arcadia Road, Galston NSW 2159
  • Further details: Visit Fagan Park’s directory listing



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