How to get Taronga Zoo Discounts

Taronga Zoo Discounts

See amazing things using Taronga Zoo Discounts, Photo By Jan Derk

Taronga Zoo is a must see for most visitors to Sydney and Sydney-siders too! This pretty fabulous zoo sits right on the harbour and offers visitors both amazing animals and spectacular harbour views.

However like most zoos, entry to Taronga Zoo is pretty expensive. So to save yourself some money on your entry, check out the following ways to get Cheap Taronga Zoo Tickets.

1. Register for $1.00 entry on your birthday

The cheapest way to enter Taronga Zoo is to go on your birthday! If you go to the Zoo on your birthday (and register for a birthday ticket beforehand) then you will only pay $1.00!

To get the $1.00 birthday ticket you MUST register online first!

So make sure to register here.

On the day you visit you will  need to bring proof of your date of birth as well as valid ID.

Read our blog for full details of how to register for $1.00 entry to Taronga Zoo.

A neat way to double up on the discount is to go on your birthday and then do one of the following discounts for the rest of your cohort.

2. Buy tickets online for a 10 or 20% discount

One of the easiest ways to get Taronga Zoo discount tickets is to buy your tickets online via the Taronga Zoo website before you go.

Just by purchasing online tickets you will save 10% off individual tickets and 20% off family passes (off the retail ticket price).

You will also benefit by skipping the ticket queue at the gates!

More info:

3. Buy an Annual Pass online

If you think you’ll be going to the zoo a fair bit then you might want to consider an annual pass. At $198.00 for two adults and two kids the passes are expensive, but if you live near the zoo or have kids who really love it then it might be worth it!

You can also use the Annual Pass to get free entry to reciprocal zoos including Western Plains Zoo, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth Zoos (children may be charged at Melbourne and Perth Zoo).

More info:

4. Buy tickets through NRMA

NRMA offer discounted Taronga Zoo tickets to NRMA Blue Members.

The tickets are slightly cheaper than buying the tickets online through the Taronga Zoo website.

They also offer discounted to a heap of other activities, so check out their website for lots of great offers.

More info: https://nrma/taronga-zoo/taronga-zoo-general-admission

5. Buy tickets through RACQ

RACQ also offer Members discounted Taronga Zoo tickets.

The discounts are not as good as NRMA offer, but are just slightly better than buying the passes direct through the Taronga Zoo website.

More info:

6. Entertainment Book

The Sydney Entertainment Book actually offers the best individual ticket discount. You will however need to purchase the book at a cost of $70.00.

If you have an Entertainment Book then you can get 25% off tickets for up to four people. This is a once only use voucher.

More info:—72114/taronga-zoo

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