Kalkari Discovery Centre

Kalkari Discovery Centre

The Kalkari Discovery Centre is very unassuming but definitely worth a visit

I love the Kalkari Discovery Centre and I want everyone to know just how great it is. This gem of a place is hidden in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. If you are visiting nearby Bobbin Head then you absolutely must stop by or just stop by because it’s fun!

One of the best things about this happy place is the amazing mob of kangaroos that live here. I honestly think this is the best place in Sydney to see kangaroos. Read on to find out why.

First up the visitors centre

Kalkari Discovery Centre Visitors Centre

Enjoy spending some time in the Visitors Centre

The first place you will come to is the Visitors Centre. The centre is run by National Park volunteers. The volunteers are all super friendly and happy to help out with any requests. Here you can pick up maps, brochures and get friendly advice from the volunteers. 

Spend some time looking around the displays. You will see some (well loved) stuffed animals, books, displays and lots of interesting animal artifacts. There is a great display on the West Head Battery.

Kids will love the toys and picture books and the interactive displays featuring various animals parts including feathers, eggs and bones.

Best of all the volunteers will hopefully be able to tell you where the resident mob of kangaroos has been seen that day – so don’t forget to ask while you are here.

Make sure to also get a map of the Kalkari Discovery Trail.

Lots to explore at the Kalkari Discovery Centre

Onto the Kalkari Discovery Trail

Kalkari Discovery Trail Map

The Kalkari Discovery Trail is a great  easy track with lots to see

The Kalkari Discovery Trail is an excellent, easy, short bushwalk. It heads off from the Visitors Centre and takes visitors in a circular loop around the area. You can follow the paved path, or if you are able you can head off on some of the bush trails that link back up to the main path.

Along the main path you will see information boards, a pond and a native bee hive. Throughout the walk there is signage that explains some of the key points of interest and also details of various plants.

There is also a bush track that leads up to the back of the area, where you will see another pond. However note that this track is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

Lots to see on this easy walk

Spot the kangaroos

Where to see kangaroos in Sydney

The kangaroos are harder to spot then you would think

One of the most amazing things about The Kalkari Discovery Centre is that there is a mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos who live here. The kangaroos are wild but are enclosed in a large space around the Kalkari Discovery Centre. So the chances that you will see them are high.

There are two main grazing areas that they hang out on – one is down to the left of the Kalkari Discovery Trail and the other is to the right of the Visitors Centre. The best way to try to find them is to ask in the Visitors Centre where they have been seen that day. They can show you on a map where they have been spotted. You will likely have to leave the paved path area to find them.

The kangaroos are grey in colour and are surprisingly hard to spot (as you can see from the photo above). Look out for their pointy ears.

During the day they are often lying about getting some sun (in winter) or shade (in summer). In the early evening and morning they can be found grazing near the Visitors Centre.

It really is quite exciting spotting them and although they don’t do all that much it is great to stop for a while and watch their behaviours. They do not seem particularly bothered by humans, but please remember these are wild animals and should be respected. Do not get too close or approach them.

It’s hard to spot the kangaroos among the grey foliage

Enjoy the lookout at the Kalkari Discovey Centre

Bobbin Head Lookout

View not to be missed

Lastly make sure to stop by the lookout which offers amazing views down onto Bobbin Head and Cowan Creek. It really is a place to stop and smell the roses.

On your way out make sure to stop by the upper grazing area to look for any more kangaroos and maybe even a wallaby or two.

Enjoy a well earned break at The Lookout

Five reasons to visit Kalkari Discovery Centre

  1. Spot the wild kangaroos
  2. See the ducks and turtles at the pond
  3. Enjoy the views down to Bobbin Head and Cowan Creek
  4. Go for an easy bushwalk
  5. Spend the rest of the day in Bobbin Head

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