The best websites to find Sydney Restaurant Deals and Offers

Sydney Restaurant Deals

Sydney Restaurant Deals will give you more smashed avo

To help save you on your next restaurant bill, we’ve put together a neat list of the best websites that offer restaurant deals in Sydney and Australia.

First Table

First Table offers a 50% discount off restaurant meals at specific times.

You’ll need to pay a $10.00 booking fee to secure the discount at a participating restaurant, and get half-price meals for two to four people when booking the restaurant’s first table of the evening, lunch or breakfast time.

The only catch with First Table is that you can only book for up to 4 people (including kids). However there are some great restaurants listed including Pilu, Oremeggio and Salt Meat Cheese. And you also need to note that drinks are not included in the 50% off.

The bookings are generally for early sessions, but at 50% off I think we can handle that!

Eat Club

EatClub is an app so you’ll need to download this one onto your phone. It lets restaurants with empty tables upload last minute deals to their establishment! This means that you’ll get discounts of up to 50% off your meal, and restaurants get to fill their empty spots.

Great for last minute dinner dates!

The Fork

The Fork used to be known as Dimmi’s. It is a restaurant directory, but also offers a great range of 50% off offers. The offers change regularly and feature different restaurants each day.

Open Table

Open Table is owned by and runs in a pretty similar way. It lists key Sydney restaurants and also has a Special Offers section.

Other Sydney Restaurant Deals

Scoopon, Groupon and Cudo all offer restaurant deals. You have to pre-purchase these deals as vouchers and restaurant options are limited.

Do you know any other websites that offer Sydney restaurant deals?

More ways to save Money

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