The Calyx Sydney in the Royal Botanic Gardens 

The Calyx Sydney

Seeing The Calyx is pretty impressive

Seriously it’s actually pretty hard to describe how cool The Calyx Sydney is! To be honest I didn’t have much idea what I would find when I decided to pop in here, but wow I was so, so impressed.

I loved spending time here and was lucky enough to visit when the Plants Bite exhibition was on…..I cannot recommend it enough! So read on to find out why I think you absolutely should visit the The Calyx today.

But first up…..what exactly is The Calyx Sydney?

The Calyx Sydney - Where imagination grows

Where imagination grows

The Calyx Sydney is an amazingly cool new educational and event hub in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Built in 2016, inside The Calyx you will find indoor and outdoor spaces, the largest green wall in the southern hemisphere, plus a cafe, dining spaces and it is also home to temporary exhibitions (which are pretty darn fab).

1. So about those exhibitions

The Calyx Sydney Plants with Bite

The plants are actually very beautiful

Exhibitions are held in a glasshouse style part of The Calyx. The exhibitions are temporary and change on a semi-regular basis. I visited in May 2019 and the exhibition at this time was titled ‘Plants with Bite’ and it was so so fun and so interesting. The exhibition is all about carnivorous plants.

Inside the glass house you will find literally thousands of carnivorous plants which are really very beautiful.  There is great signage to help you identify plants, as well as information boards to give you some insight into the life of a carnivorous plant.

Some plants that you will see include snap traps (such as The Venus Fly Trap) as well as the ‘pitfall’, ‘flypaper’, ‘lobster-pot’ and ‘bladder’ styles of traps.

The exhibition is laid out really well with a layout that enables visitors to really get up close to these amazing plants – but of course please don’t touch!! And the touch of mist in the displays is really fun.

When I was there the exhibition was pretty busy – full of school kids, mature adults, teenagers and single adults like me. This breadth of ages and stages shows just how interesting this display truly is.

I really, really loved seeing this exhibition, but I think that any exhibition held here would be amazing. I await for the next one!

So many amazing plants to see!

2. The Green Wall

The Calyx Sydney Green Wall

The green wall changes according to the current exhibition

The green wall is the largest vertical floral wall in the southern hemisphere and it sure is beautiful. Spanning the length and breadth of the back of The Calyx greenhouse, the wall is choc a block full of flowers and plants.

The wall is changed according to the exhibition at the time. The design for Plants with Bite is of the carnivorous plant the ‘Drosera Capensis’ (Cape Sundew).  At 6 metres high and 50 metres long the wall is truly impressive.

The wall is amazing from afar and close up

3. Cool media and kids areas

The Calyx Sydney Media

The film projections are worth watching

After checking out the glasshouse, why not spend some time in the kids and media area. Here you will find videos that show slow motion film of the carnivorous plants in action and also some information on how the displays were constructed.

Kids will enjoy the drawing table and the opportunity to snap a pic pretending to be a carnivorous plant.

4. Cafe and outdoor dining

The Calyx Cafe

Not a bad spot for a coffee

There is a cafe onsite and with beautiful outdoor seating, this is a great place to stop for a coffee or a drink.

Finding The Calyx

The Calyx is located in The Royal Botanic Garden. The closest entrance to it is the Morshead Fountain Gate. However the garden is fairly well signed so you will be able to navigate to The Calyx from any entrance.

The Calyx Map

Freedays summary

  • Entry: Free (donations appreciated)
  • Open: 10.00am to 4.00pm
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Wheelchair friendly: Yes
  • Free carparking: No
  • Free BBQ facilities: No
  • Time to spend here: 1 hour or explore the garden and stay all day
  • Food available: Yes
  • Address: Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Further details: Visit The Royal Botanic Garden directory listing



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